UL system of Schweizer



Use our pre-certified UL system Schweizer 155-1 File No. 102600-E213346 for insulation class F, to implement a UL approval for your motor, transformer, etc. in a fast and cost effective way.

Transferring our system to your company does not involve any UL related cost. Our system is made available to you free of charge.


Before selecting "UL listed materials", please be aware of the significantly different types of UL listings!

Component-card (Individual material certification)

  • Individual certification of the material and attribution to an insulation class (temperature class).
    Indication of insulation class is universally valid, independent of the insulation system used.

System-Component-card (System certification)

  • Combined certification of all components of a precisely defined insulation system.
  • Thermally weaker components might be upgraded in combiniation with higher thermal class components.
  • Indication of insulation class for an individual component (e.g. surface insulation material) is only valid for a single insulation system that must be precisely respected.