EN 45545

New products in the portfolio of Schweizer:

Fire proof insulating and protective sleevings and NOMEX® papers of types 410, 818, 356 for usage in railway applications in accordance with the European fire protection norm EN 45545 : 2013 parts 1-7.

Take advantage of our technicl competence

1. Designing the insulation of the power supply, as well as the protection and bundling of cables in  passenger railway vehicles, in accordanve with the norm.

2. Designing fire proof insulation systems for motors, transformers reactors and generators with NOMEX® surface insulation papers in railway vehicles.

Both product groups - insulating and protection sleeves, as well as the NOMEX® papers 410, 818,356 fulfil the requirements regarding fire behaviour in accordance to:
ISO 45892 Limit Oxygen Index, ISO 5659-2 Smoke Production, NF X 70-100-1 Toxicity Index = HL 2 and HL3

Download the Certificates:

» Schweizer E56 Certificate

» Schweizer T410 Certificate

» Schweizer T818 Certificate

» Schweizer VSC EN45545 Certificate