Adhesive Tapes

We sell electrical insulating adhesive tapes (also UL listed) with various bases and adhesive components to suit a wide range of requirements and temperature classes. In our cutting factory, we cut adhesive tapes to your specified width.

You can choose between:

KAPTON®-adhesive tapesClass H (180 °C) and F (155 °C)
PTFE-adhesive tapesClass H (180 °C) und F (155 °C)
Glass fabric adhesive tapesClass H (180 °C) und F (155 °C)
NOMEX®-adhesive tapesClass H (180 °C) und F (155 °C)
PEN-adhesive tapesClass H (180 °C) und F (155 °C)
NOMEX® laminate adhesive tapes
(glass fabric, PET film, etc.)
Class F (155 °C) und B (130 °C)
PET laminate adhesive tapes
(fleece, etc.)
Class F (155 °C) und B (130 °C)
PET-film adhesive tapesClass B (130 °C)
Other bases available on request 
Silicone adhesive – Acrylate adhesive – Rubber adhesive.
Silicone adhesive Extremely resistant to temperature and ageing,
also suitable for bonding on non-stick substrates.
Acrylate adhesiven Resistant to temperature, ageing, and ultraviolet
rays, good chemical resistance properties.
Rubber adhesiveGood tack and resistance to impregnating agents.

Delivered as: narrow strips, shaped parts