Surface Insulation Materials

As a DuPont™ authorized distributor, we are a renowned specialist for NOMEX® Aramid Paper and Pressboard and as such leading provider in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our product range also includes laminates (NKN, NMN, DMD) as well as films for all insulation classes. These products are not only available in original roll formats, but additionally in special formats such as punched, coated or surface finished.

Adhesive Tapes

Electrical insulation adhesive tapes with a wide variety of backing materials and adhesive systems, many UL-listed; double-sided adhesive tapes, with or without liner, for specific applications and all thermal classes.

Insulation Sleevings

Electrical insulation sleevings with or without fabric, thermal and mechanical protection sleevings, for all insulation classes, many UL-listed

Resins and Varnishes

Impregnating and coating varnishes, trickle and impregnating resins, as well as casting resins, also for electronic applications.

Bandaging Materials

Bandaging tapes, woven tapes, unidirectional tapes, polyester shrinking tapes, glass fiber tapes, bandaging yarns, pre-impregnated glass-bandaging tapes.

Litz Wires

Hook-up wires and stranded hook-up wires for all thermal classes

Engineering Plastics

Duro- and thermoplasts as sheets, rods, and tubes as well as cut, punched and formed parts.