For more than 200 years now, DuPont has been researching and developing solutions for applications in a wide range of markets, for example, food and beverages, nutrition, health, electrical and electronic engineering, apparel, and transportation. Schweizer is an official DuPont distributor for NOMEX® aramide products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. High-grade electrical insulating materials from DuPont such as Mylar®, Melinex®, Teonex® and Kapton® films are also available through Schweizer.

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With more than 300.000 ts/year production capacity for PET and PEN films DuPont Teijin films is one of the world leading polyester film manufacturers.

The widely spread applications for Polyester films, produced under the trademarks Mylar®, Melinex® and Teonex® are to be find within the electric and electrical industry, as well as in audio video, packaging, printing or medical industries.

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Signet Krempel Group

With production sites in Germany and Great Britain, Krempel is a successful global provider of electrical insulating materials, fiber composites and flexible base materials. As an official representative in south-west Germany and wholesaler throughout the whole of Germany, Schweizer is your expert partner for the entire Krempel product range.

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Beck Electrical Insulation GmbH, Member of Altana group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical insulating varnishes and resins, and is an expert partner for electrical machine and transformer construction and for casting resins and coating varnishes in the electronics industry. As an official representative in south-west Germany and wholesaler throughout the whole of Germany for Beck Electrical Insulation, Schweizer is your first port of call for all Beck Electrical Insulation products.

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Leading manufacturer of electrical insulating sleeves, as well as thermal and mechanical protective sleeves. Come to Schweizer to find out more about the world of Relats sleeves.

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Innovative manufacturer of high quality electrical insulating tapes. Schweizer cuts, stamps and supplies Saint-Gobain h-old adhesive tapes throughout Europe.

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In collaboration with our partner company Sanegrid®, we are the official distributor for the patented rain water filter systems from SPI® USA in Europe.

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Innovative materials and products for liquid-filled transformers.

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