NOMEX® - Certified papers according to EN 45545:2013

Rubrik news:


NOMEX® - Certified papers according to the new European fire protection norm EN 45545:2013 enable you to design a fire proof insulation system for motors, transformers, generators and reactors in railway vehicles.

In order to satisfy the new European fire protection norm EN 45545:2013 for railway vehicles, we have completed the proactive certification of the NOMEX® papers most commonly used in railway applications, in collaboration with DuPont.Currently, the following meta-aramid papers
  • NOMEX® 410
  • NOMEX® 818
  • NOMEX® 356
are individually certified according to EN 45545:2013 and fulfil the requirements related to the fire behaviour of materials and components in the following criteria:
  • ISO 45892 Limit Oxygen Index (LOI, oxygen concentration required to sustain continuous combustion of the sample, in %)
  • ISO 5659-2 Smoke generation (smoke density)
  • NF X 70-100-1 Toxicity of released gases 
For the Hazard Levels HL2 – HL3, the usage of the NOMEX ® paper types 410, 818, 356 is certified without restriction for interiors (R22) and exteriors (R23) of railway vehicles.

We are at your disposal for any further information, including the grouping rule of the norm EN 45545:2013 for the certification of complete insulation systems with NOMEX® papers.