Welcome to the Web site of Schweizer, your expert partner for electrical insulating materials and continuous web cutting.

Our core competencies

We supply and convert: paper, films, adhesive tape, varnishes/resins, sleeves, litz wires etc. in particular for the electrical and electronics industries. Consulting for all your application needs

Our strengths

Flexibility, innovation, outstanding quality with our products, prices and deliveries

Our goal

Our objectives are to successfully shape the future together with our partners (customers and suppliers)

  • by further reviewing and adjusting our processes and organizational structure
  • by further developing our products and adapting our services to the ever changing market requirements


Founded in Mannheim’s city center in 1932 by Albert Schweizer, the company began as a specialist wholesaler for electrical products. Following the chaos of war and a temporary relocation to Mingolsheim, Schweizer soon became an expert and respected partner of industry and manual trades focusing its business activities at a regional level.

Our growing expertise and experience with electrical insulating materials, new services for converting the products offered in our range, and high-quality consulting led to a systematic expansion of our business operations in the years that followed.

In addition to the close working relationship with Dr. Beck in Hamburg (varnishes/resins), which we had enjoyed for many years, the end of the 60s heralded the beginning of a new collaborative partnership with DuPont (NOMEX®) and August Krempel (pressboard, laminates etc.). Further growth, together with our business activities on a national scale for products such as DuPont NOMEX® and a further expansion of our cutting factory resulted in the company moving in 1994 its newly built premises in Mannheim. The new location features a high rack storage area, production bay and shipping department to fulfill all our logistical requirements.

With a full range of electrical insulating materials, we continued expanding our business operations in the years that followed to the European, African and Middle Eastern markets.


We are currently the number one supplier in Europe to the electrical, telecommunications, electronics and automotive industries. Our corporate policy, which is consistently aligned with the goals of quality, innovation and flexibility, focuses on the very diverse requirements of our customers. Our most important aim is to work together with you to develop new product and logistics solutions to successfully overcome the challenges of the future together. Our corporate culture is centered around a partnership based on trust with our customers, suppliers and fellow workers and an attitude of respect towards the world in which we live.

Why not mail us, fax us or call us. We would be happy to arrange a personal appointment with you.